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Now offering KAVACA,(Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film!!)

At Garage Kept Detailing there is no set price.

Cars come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

They are also subject to different environments so two identical cars can have different issues. One car may stay in a garage and only be used occasionally while the other may sit out in the sun, subject to tree droppings, UV rays and sprinkler water.

Our packages are custom tailored based on the condition of your vehicle and your needs.

Prices can range any where from $100 for a good wash, clay bar, synthetic sealer, all the way up to $1,000-3,000 for multi step paint correction with professional Ceramic Pro coating including a warranty attached to your VIN and Carfax. We also offer Kavaca, Ceramic Pro's new paint protection film!

We use professional grade Ceramic Pro products, have been trained extensively in California and continue to hone our skills w hands-on/online practice sessions.

 Don’t fall victim to YouTube detailers buying cheap, consumer grade ceramic off eBay and pretending to be professional detailers!

Please call to discuss options and get a more accurate quote.


Preserving Your Vehicle’s Appearance is The #1 Way to Protect Your Investment.

Retain That “Showroom Floor” Shine With Our 2-Year and 5-Year Warranty.

Authorized Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Retailer and Installer of Ceramic Pro in Florida.

We Carry The Complete Line of Ceramic Pro Products to Keep Your Vehicle Looking It’s Best.


Regular waxing helps to protect the paint job and clear coat on your car by preserving oils in the paint that help to prevent oxidation. The result from not waxing is a dulled finish, and waxing can help to prevent this ugly process. Regular waxing also protects the paint from the daily wear and tear our cars get from being exposed to the outside world such as; bird droppings, wind, rain, hail, tree sap, smog, ultraviolet rays from the sun.


Polishing is the step in the detailing process that yields the most dramatic difference in your paint’s appearance. The objective of polishing is to remove imperfections in the clear coat that cause the paint to look dull. Surface imperfections can include swirls, scratches, water spots, etchings, industrial fallout, oxidation, etc.


Clay removes above-surface bonded contamination through the mechanical action of the clay bar rubbing against the vehicle surface. Detailing clay abrades the contamination, wearing it down in some cases, as a result of this mechanical action. However, detailing clay is not abrasive to the paint. The use of an approved clay lubricant prevents marring of the paint. The removed contamination sticks to the clay and is removed from the paint.


Interior cleaning services include vacuuming, windows, spot clean carpets, leather cleaning and conditioning, vent dusting, air fresheners, headliners and door panels. 


Rim Polishing  Scratch Removal
Wet Sand Glass Polish/Rain-X
UV Protectant Well Water Removal
Paint Over Spray Removal Road Paint Removal
Leather Conditioning Convertible Top Shampoo
Engine Cleaning Headlight Restoration
Iron-X Decontamination Custom Cleaning